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The Mould on the Wall
(The Other Stories: Volume 1. Hawk & Cleaver. 1 August 2021)

Should I Kill Myself or Have A Cup of Coffee?
(The Other Stories: Volume 1. Hawk & Cleaver. 1 August 2021)

Don’t Punch Kyle
(Dim Shores Presents Volume 2. Dim Shores. 1 February 2021)

What Would Westley Do? 
(NoSleep Podcast. S14E19. 21 June 2020)

The Truth Will Set You Free
(The Other Stories. 50.2. March 2020)

Awaken The Monster Within
(The Other Stories. 47.2. December 2019)

(The Other Stories. Patreon Exclusive. December 2019)

The Motorhome
(The Other Stories. 45.3. September 2019)

The Mould on the Walls
(The Other Stories. 43.3. August 2019)

Uxoricide 93%
(The Other Stories. 42.4. July 2019)

The Boy in the Penguin Costume
(The Other Stories. 41.4. June 2019)

Should I Kill Myself or Have A Cup of Coffee?
(The Other Stories. 40.2. May 2019)

Things We Say (Audio Play Adaptation) 
(Miscreation | An Anthology of Audio-Drama Horror. April 2019)

As It Was
(The Other Stories. 39.1. April 2019)

Off Track
(The Other Stories. 38.2. March 2019)

Things We Say
(NoSleep Podcast. S12E10. February 2019)

Free Will 
(The Other Stories. 37.2. February 2019)

Last Christmas
(The Other Stories. 35.2. December 2018)

Things We Say
(Dark Moon Digest #30. January 2018)

(Little Stories for the Smallest Room. KnightWatch Press. 15 October 2012)

A System of Taxation Upon the Internal Mind, or Pulling Britain Out of Recession: A White Paper on Thought Taxes
(Polarity Magazine. 24 June 2010)


What the Stoics Can Teach Us About Writing
(LitReactor. 18 January 2022)

The Wisdom of Alan Watts: Improve Your Life and Creativity
(LitReactor. 27 September 2021)

Co-writing a Novel: Keys to a Successful Collaboration
(LitReactor. 10 November 2020)

20 Scary Stories For Halloween That You Can Read Online For Free
(LitReactor. 31 October 2019)

7 Supernatural Urban Legends from Japan
(LitReactor. 30 April 2019)

Reading Haruki Murakami: A Primer
(LitReactor. 19 March 2019)

Taking Your Patreon Game To The Next Level
(LitReactor. 25 February 2019)

Places To Read and Listen To Books For Free
(LitReactor. 5 February 2019)

Exploring the Film and Television References in Silent Hill
(LitReactor. 31 January 2019)

Exploring the Literary References of Silent Hill
(LitReactor. 1 January 2019)

20 Ghost and Horror Stories for Christmas
(LitReactor. 18 December 2018)

Exploring the Real Town Behind Silent Hill
(LitReactor. 5 November 2018)

Celebrating Dallas Mayr: The Wisdom of Jack Ketchum (1946–2018)
(LitReactor. 25 January 2018)

8 New Writing Challenges for 2018
(LitReactor. 15 January 2018)

Looking Back: The 2017 One Story Per Week Writing Challenge
(LitReactor. 12 January 2018)

7 Books to Read After You’ve Watched Netflix’s ‘Dark’
(LitReactor. 21 December 2017)

Celebrating Success: How 5 Authors Celebrated Their First Story Sale
(LitReactor. 31 July 2017)

Reading Outside Your Comfort Zone
(LitReactor. 13 July 2017)

How to Start an Author Website
(LitReactor. 21 June 2017)

17 Recommended Podcasts To Help You Improve As A Writer and Human Being
(LitReactor. 19 April 2017)

Why I Listen to Audiobooks and You Should Too
(LitReactor. 24 February 2017)

The 2017 One Story Per Week Writing Challenge
(LitReactor. 19 January 2017)

Three Traditional Japanese Horror Stories
(Dark Moon Digest #25. 14 October 2016)

7 Reasons Why Every Writer Should Journal
(LitReactor. 16 September 2016)

What I Learned During My Time Away From Social Media
(LitReactor. 9 September 2016)

The Strange Day Jobs of Five Fiction Writers
(LitReactor. 29 July 2016)

10 Non-Fiction Books That Changed My Life
(LitReactor. 22 July 2016)

How I More Than Doubled My Patreon Support in Less Than 30 Days
(LitReactor. 14 July 2016)

8 Places To Write: Writing When and Where You Can
(LitReactor. 13 July 2016)

How Important Is Word Count? 7 Writers Discuss Their Output
(LitReactor. 3 June 2016)

Exploring The Pomodoro Technique and Timers to Improve Productivity and Write More
(LitReactor. 23 May 2016)

10 Plugins Writers Need For Their WordPress Website
(LitReactor. 2 May 2016)

The Movies And Books That Influenced Quentin Tarantino’s ‘Pulp Fiction’
(LitReactor. 22 April 2016)

Dealing With Self-Doubt: Tips from 7 Popular Authors
(LitReactor. 25 March 2016)

5 Movies That Influenced Quentin Tarantino’s ‘Reservoir Dogs’
(LitReactor. 21 March 2016)

5 Unconventional Gifts for Writers (to Sharpen Craft and Productivity)
(LitReactor. 29 February 2016)

5 Famous Bestsellers That Were Rejected (And 50 More)
(LitReactor. 12 February 2016)

One Month of Reading Stephen Graham Jones: A Primer
(LitReactor. 1 February 2016)

SMART Goals: 5 Steps To Setting Goals You Can Achieve
(LitReactor. 15 January 2016)

One Month of Reading Joe Hill: A Primer
(LitReactor. 4 January 2016)

A Look At The Morning Rituals and Daily Habits of 9 Popular Authors
(LitReactor. 22 December 2015)

A Guide: How To Start A Podcast (and Why You Should)
(LitReactor. 14 December 2015)

One Month of Reading Ryu Murakami: A Primer
(LitReactor. 1 December 2015)

‘American Horror Story: Hotel’ and Why Hotel Horror Works
(LitReactor. 23 November 2015)

‘Scream: The TV Series’ – Exploring Character Archetypes and Story Conventions in Slashers
(LitReactor. 16 November 2015)

5 Scary Books to Read This Halloween (Plus 100 more)
(LitReactor. 22 October 2015)

How To Scare Your Reader: 11 Tips From 11 Horror Writers
(LitReactor. 23 September 2015)

6 Reasons Everyone Should Read “A Head Full of Ghosts” by Paul Tremblay
(LitReactor. 9 September 2015)

7 Reasons Why A Mailing List Is More Important Than Social Media
(LitReactor. 21 August 2015)

10 Tips On How To Write A Press Release
(LitReactor. 10 August 2015)

Horror and Comedy: Unlikely Bedfellows
(LitReactor. 27 July 2015)

Zombies Aren’t Dead
(LitReactor. 15 July 2015)

11 Tips For Startup Publishers With A Small Budget
(LitReactor. 17 June 2015)