On Writing

“Michael David Wilson manages to make you laugh your ass off while simultaneously sending chills down your spine. His words dig deep into your psyche, and you may not expect what they unearth.”
“There are some writers who make me jealous of their knack for blending originality, weird elements and excellent prose. Michael David Wilson is one of them.”
“Horrific, depraved, hilarious, offensive.”
—George Ttoouli, author of Static Exile


“One of my favorite memories of working on A House at the Bottom of a Lake with Michael David Wilson was the moment he told me I’d gone one step too far. This was a revelation for me because, as a writer, you kinda assume you can keep editing forever. But Michael rightly pointed out that we’d hit the sweet spot on the prior round of edits and I’d reached the point of overthinking. I can’t express how valuable it is to work with an editor who is aware of the book’s sweet spot.”
—Josh Malerman, author of BIRD BOX
“Michael David Wilson invented the fine-toothed comb. His attention to detail is second to none, and he has a wonderful understanding of structure. This is a guy who knows how good writing works.”
—Ray Cluley, Author of Water For Drowning


“Listening to the This Is Horror Podcast is like getting a horror MFA mainlined into my head, Matrix-style.”
—Stephen Graham Jones, author of Mongrels
“This Is Horror collects the best of the best. I can listen to my favorite authors and learn more about the craft. Not only that, but Michael David Wilson is fun, professional, and easy to work with. I just listened to the most epic episode where writers shared the best advice they’ve received, and I’m truly inspired.”
Mercedes M. Yardley, author of Little Dead Red