On Living Each Day As If It’s My Last

Michael David Wilson On Living Each Day

Just under two weeks ago I took a ride in an ambulance, the next day I took a second. I’ve spoken a little bit about what happened on the This Is Horror Podcast. You can listen to it here if you like. 

Before my trip to the hospital, I assumed I would live decades longer. And although I used to say things like ‘make the most of each day’ and ‘don’t take anything for granted’, I did take my health and the very notion of living for granted. Whilst it looks like—fingers crossed—things will work out okay, I really don’t take any day for granted anymore. I do consider that each day might well be my last. It’s made me more intentional and deliberate with my actions.

Today is my daughter’s first birthday and it’s just me and her. We’re making the most of it. Playing, laughing, and smiling together.

I’m living each day as if it’s my last but rather hoping it isn’t because there’s so much more I want to do, to give, and to experience.

Live, love, and be happy.

I hope you’re all having a great day.